Workshop Classes

Renee offers a variety of classes and workshops throughout the Portland metro area and online as well.
In 1998, Renee founded the Northwest Psychic Institute in order to share her what she's learned with others.
She enjoys supporting others on their journey of self discovery, healing, and transformation.
And, she loves empowering others to discover and develop their own gifts.

Some examples include:
“Guardian Angels”
“Healing with the Angels”
“Healing the Heart Chakra”
“Communicating with your Lost Loved Ones”
“Self-Hypnosis for Stress Reduction and Relaxation”
“Working with Your Spirit Guides”
“Healing the Inner Child”
"Understanding Your Intuitive Gifts"
"Living as a Sensitive Empath"
"Past Lives"
"Discovering Your Divine Purpose"
"Developing Your Intuition"
"Psychic Development"
"Meditation Made Simple"

Fees: From $20/person. Registration requirements vary depending on location.

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