Channeling Certification Training

Note: Renee must approve you for this course*

Channeling: the ability to receive energy, messages, healing, insight, and inspiration from a higher source.

This transformative class will assist you in learning to channel messages from your higher self, the spirit world, your angels, your guides, universal healing and more!

This series is an advanced level class to deepen your training as a channel. Whether you want to use this ability and these tools for your personal life or for your professional practice, this training is a must if you want to work more with spirit and guidance.

Topics include grounding, connecting, protection, proper space/states of receiving, use of intention, clarity of connected sources, ethics, and the steps and exercises to make it work.  Students will also work on light & medium depth trance. Select students will be chosen to move forward into deep trance training (separate training workshop).

This will be a beautiful and intense course, with plenty of work to be done.

No experience necessary (this training is for students of all levels, but it is helpful if you have some meditative or intuitive development practice).

Feel free to contact Renee to find out if this course is right for you.

Note: Upon paying your deposit, students will receive the beginning and intermediate channeling series' to study as preparation for the training. Video attendance is an option for this class (meaning you can see, listen and participate from your own computer).  Ask for details.

* To take the Mediumship course, you must first take this course. *

Where: by live video conferencing only

(We use Zoom for live video conferencing. It's super easy to use & like you're in the classroom.)

Upcoming Course Dates: 6 Thursdays: 2/11 - 3/18 from 7-9pm

Must attend most of the classes to receive certification.

Pre-registration required - no walk-ins please.

Tuition: $300/person (special price, usually $400)

*Already attended this training with Renee, but want a refresher or practice? Special refresher rate: $150/person

*Already attended this training with Renee, but want a refresher or practice? Special refresher rate: $200/person

Apply now or request more information

Apply now or request more information
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