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World Class Psychic Medium in Portland, OR

With over 25 years of experience transforming lives, Renee’s sessions are healing and empowering.  With a compassionate, down-to-earth approach, and refreshing perspective, Renee uses her gifts to assist clients with connection, clarity, and guidance.  She also teaches and mentors others to discover and develop their own unique gifts.

As a psychic medium, she can help you connect with your lost loved ones for communication, validation, healing and closure. As an intuitive, she can provide clarity for current life issues, as well as guidance for your future. As a healer, she can support your journey to wellness with a variety of modalities. As a teacher and mentor, she can assist you in finding your life’s purpose, and to discover and develop your own intuitive gifts.


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Client Testimonials

I first went and saw Renee back in December of 2011 and I will admit that due to a past bad experience with a different medium I was skeptical, not of mediums or the after life ( I am a 100% true believer in that ) but of finding a true medium.

I booked my appointment with Renee and was absolutely blown away by her, from the get go she was spot on with everything, she didn't give up until she found who I was there to contact ( this was not easy) and for that I thank her. She knew things about myself and my family ( past and current ) that no one could possible know unless they were a TRUE Psychic/Medium and Renee is just that, SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!

Thank you Renee for sharing your precious gift with me, I hope you know how much peace you have given me regarding my passed loved one and current issues. I will be back to see you soon!

Kelley, Gresham


I just wanted to say thank you.  Since meeting with you individually in June, and taking the "Removing the Blocks" class, I've made some positive changes in my life and I can already see the benefits. I knew it would take work on my part, but I was ready to hear the messages and make the changes.  I've shared what I've learned with others, and as a result, my sister had her first session with you just this morning.  She also has expressed positive feedback.

We don't always show our gratitude to others, and I just wanted you to know how grateful I truly am.  What you do and what you share with others has made a positive difference in my life.  So thank you Renee, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ami B.

Dearest Renee,

Thank you so much for helping our family to heal.  You have a beautiful spirit about you which is very calming and reassuring. For me it is particularly helpful that you really seem to understand and appreciate how special [loved one’s name] is to me, all of us really. Losing him left a gaping hole in our hearts but with your help I know that it has really helped me to have more peace. Several friends and family members have expressed an interest in coming to see you and we have really encouraged them to do that. Thank you again for everything.  


Hello Renee,

I just wanted to let you know how "POWERFUL and ENLIGHTENING" my reading was.  I left a bit overwhelmed and called my sister to share the experience.  We laughed and cried, laughed and cried.  I've listened to the recording a few times since and am learning more from it.  I would also like to learn more about communicating with my spirit guides and angels.  I will check in to your Cd's and upcoming classes.  

Thank You.  
Hope to see you again for another reading. 

Michele C.

I wanted to thank you and let you know, you hit the nail on the head with the details of my loved one’s passing. Thanks Renee. Just for your information, I have never wrote to anybody besides you like this- I heard you on the radio a few years back and you always seem to know things.  You are amazing and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with you in my life.

Amanda K.

Hello Renee,

I just wanted to let you know that my mother and I very much enjoyed our session with you yesterday!  It has put out minds at ease about many issues that we were unsure about.  You have helped ease our minds more than you will ever know.  It is so wonderful knowing that our loved ones are doing wonderfully and that they still have some contact with us in our everyday lives.  Again, thank you so very much for the experience that we will never forget.

Joyce S. & Dawne C.

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