Certified Hypnotist Training Course

Ongoing (check for next class date)



3 Wednesdays: December 13th - December 27th from 6-7:30pm

A Special Mentoring series with Renee


Join us for this special mentoring series to:

Meet with and get to know your Authentic Self (aka your Highest, Sacred/Divine Soul Self)

Gain more clarity about your gifts and Divine Plan

Learn how to BE in alignment with the Divine andyour Highest Self

Practice tools to be more connected with your DivineTeam & Sacred Soul Self for daily guidance

Learn how to create and cultivate a world that feeds your soul, is filled with purpose, and adds light to the world

Learn about Vibrational Alignment and Conscious Creating (pure manifesting from a Soul Level)

Learn the practical how to’s about Manifesting

Learn how to cultivate joy, peace, and any state or space that supports your well-being


Wanting to figure out and better define how you wish to be expressing yourself in the world with your gifts?

Whether you are just beginning your search, you have some ideas brewing, or you are ready to begin your work, we’re here for you!

I LOVE helping others discover who they are and how they can give back to the world.

It’s all about empowering YOU!

Your Authentic Nature IS your Gift.


Let’s create a whole new beginning for your new year and new life.

This is mentoring work with Renee to help you better understand and continue to develop your own path in the world as a healer, teacher, mentor, artist/writer/creator, practitioner, etc.

Renee will also be sharing channeled messages and answering your questions throughout the training.

Students will receive links to download audio copies of the class, as well as a list of bonus classes to support and continue the work.

Students of all levels welcome.

When:  3 Wednesday nights - 12/13-12/27 from 6-7:30pm.

Where: By live video conferencing only

(We use Zoom for video attendance – which is super easy to use and feels like you’re right in the class space)

Cost:  $60/student or household. *Early bird rate: $50 if pre-registered and paid in full by 12/10.

        Pre-registration is required so we can add you to the Zoom list.

To pre-register and reserve your spot:  email Renee at  or call 503-786-4000.

* Can't make the class but wish you could attend? You can pay for the class & receive the class audio recording and bonus classes. Email us for details.