Certified Hypnotist Training Course

Ongoing (check for next class date)

A Special Mentoring series with Renee

(Part 2 of the Divine Purpose, Spiritual Marketing & Manifesting Mentoring Series)


Join us for this special mentoring series to:

Meet with and get to know your Authentic Self (aka your Highest, Sacred/Divine Soul Self)

Gain more clarity about your gifts and Divine Plan

Learn how to BE in alignment with the Divine andyour Highest Self

Practice tools to be more connected with your DivineTeam & Sacred Soul Self for daily guidance

Learn how to create and cultivate a world that feeds your soul, is filled with purpose, and adds light to the world

Learn about Vibrational Alignment and Conscious Creating (pure manifesting from a Soul Level)

Learn the practical how to’s about Manifesting

Learn how to cultivate joy, peace, and any state or space that supports your well-being


Wanting to figure out and better define how you wish to be expressing yourself in the world with your gifts?

Whether you are just beginning your search, you have some ideas brewing, or you are ready to begin your work, we’re here for you!

I LOVE helping others discover who they are and how they can give back to the world.

It’s all about empowering YOU!

Your Authentic Nature IS your Gift.


Let’s create a whole new beginning for your new year and new life.

This is mentoring work with Renee to help you better understand and continue to develop your own path in the world as a healer, teacher, mentor, artist/writer/creator, practitioner, etc.

Renee will also be sharing channeled messages and answering your questions throughout the training.

Students will receive links to download audio copies of the class, as well as a list of bonus classes to support and continue the work.

Students of all levels welcome.

(You need not to have attended the first part of the series to attend this one.)

When:  3 Tuesday nights - 2/18-3/10 from7-9pm. (no class 2/25)

Where: Renee’s Milwaukie office or by video conferencing

(4000 SE International Way, Suite F201, Milwaukie, OR 97222)

Cost:  $90/student if pre-registeredand pre-paid by 2/15.

           $120/student if paying at first class or making payments.

         * Special Rate: $75/student if you attended the January 2020 Divine Purpose,Spiritual Marketing & Manifesting Series, or a recent Series training with Renee (the Intuition Series or Manifesting with Angels Series, etc.)

          Seating is limited, pre-registration is required.

To reserve yourspot:  email Renee at  or call 503-786-4000.

Curious if this series is right for you?  Just email me and we’ll chat!


Communicating With Lost Loved Ones Class

July 1st, 2020

An evening to help you connect with those you love in the spirit world. Come learn about how they try to connect with us, and how you can communicate with them.  Class will be part lecture and part guided connection with your loved ones.  All will leave with validation and a means of communication.

NOTE: Participants will also receive quite a few free bonus class downloads to enjoy further study at home.

When: Wed., 7/1 from 7-9pm

Where: By live video conferencing only

(We use Zoom for video attendance – which is super easy to use and feels like you’re right in the class space)

Cost: $20/person
Pre-registration is required. To pre-register to reserve your spot, email Renee: or call 503-786-4000.

*Must be pre-registered by 4pm on class day, so that we can add you to the Zoom list.


Channeling Certification Training Course

6 Wednesdays: July 8th - August 19th from 7-9pm (no class on 8/12)

Note: Renee must approve you for this course*

Channeling: the ability to receive energy, messages, healing, insight, and inspiration from a higher source.

This transformative class will assist you in learning to channel messages from your higher self, the spirit world, your angels, your guides, universal healing and more!

This series is to help you understand and deepen your training as a channel. Whether you want to use this ability and these tools for your personal life or for your professional practice to help others, this training is a must if you want to work more with spirit and guidance.

Topics include grounding, connecting, protection, proper space/states of receiving, use of intention, clarity of connected sources, ethics, and the steps and exercises to make it work.  Students will also work on light & medium depth trance. Select students will be chosen to move forward into deep trance training (separate training workshop).

This will be a beautiful and intense course, with plenty of work to be done.

No experience necessary (this training is for students of all levels, but it is helpful if you have some meditative or intuitive development practice).

Feel free to contact Renee to find out if this course is right for you.

Note: Upon paying your deposit, students will receive the beginning and intermediate channeling series' to study as preparation for the training.

* To take the Mediumship course, you must first take this course. *

Where: By live video conferencing only

(We use Zoom for live video conferencing. It's super easy to use & like you're in the classroom.)

Upcoming Course Dates: 6 Wednesdays: July 8th - August 19th from 7-9pm (no class on 8/12)

Must attend most of the classes to receive certification.

Pre-registration required so we can add you to the Zoom list.

Tuition: $300/person (Class is usually $400)

*$100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot, the rest of the tuition is due the first day of class

*Already attended this training with Renee, but want a refresher or practice? Special refresher rate: $200/person.

To reserve your spot, or for more information, contact Renee at:


Messages From Heaven Event

August 21st, 2020

A special gallery reading event with Renee


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have to cancel this event.

The theater will directly reimburse ticket holders starting on 5/14.

(Please contact Alberta Rose Theatre if questions)

We will keep you posted regarding future scheduling of this event.


Want a message from a medium like John Edward, Theresa Caputo or Lisa Williams?

Come join us for an evening with Portland’s very own psychic medium Renee Terrill (formerly Renee Madsen).

As a gifted medium, Renee has been helping clients connect with their loved ones in the spirit world for over 23 years. She’s been featured on many news segments, is a regular guest on AM Northwest, and has been heard on the popular radio stations Z100, KUPL & KEX. She is known for her loving and down-to-earth style of working with people, as well as her honesty.

In this gallery style event, Renee will be channeling and sharing Messages from Heaven for the audience members. The session will begin with a brief intro of Renee and how sessions work. Participants will then be guided through a prayer & meditation to balance the room and help participants connect with their loved ones. Then, Renee will be channeling messages for the audience members from their loved ones in the spirit world. Since the room typically tends to fill up quickly with those on the other side wanting to get messages through, don’t be surprised if the session runs a bit late! 

Note: Renee will give message to as many people as time allows.  Not everyone in attendance is guaranteed areading, however, messages are often linked, so you may get a message in tandem with another person’s.

Join Renee, psychic medium, teacher and healer, for this very special event,and reconnect with your lost loved ones as we open the lines of communicationto the spirit world.


When:  Event Cancelled

Where:  The Alberta Rose Theatre (3000 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211)

Cost for pre-purchasing tickets:  $40 per person (regular seating) / $60per person (premium seating)

Night of event/at the door rates:  $50/person (regular seating)

* Purchasing tickets ahead of time is recommended, as that these events tend to sell out.

* If needing wheelchair accessibility, please call the theatre, and they will assist with seating: 503-719-6055

* Food and beverages for sale at event and available at intermission.