Certified Medium Training

Channeling your gifts is a powerful practice. If you feel a calling towards mediumship, a connection with the other realm, or the desire to deepen your understanding of communication with the spirit world, an intensive medium training is the optimal chance to enhance your gifts.

Become a Certified Medium with this mediumship training course taught by Renee.*

Mediumship - Level One

Curriculum includes:

  • An in-depth understanding of mediumship and the power of being a voice for the spirit world
  • Aligning your energy with God/Source, your guides & angels, and people in the spirit world
  • Reading energy
  • Communicating with and invoking the angels & archangels
  • The importance of creating physical and mental space for mediumship
  • Centering, clearing, shielding and protection - safely accessing the highest sources of communication
  • Identifying the name and/or relationship of those in spirit
  • Communicating, validating information, and messages of love from spirit
  • Light and medium trance work
  • Hands-on practice and guidance
  • ...and more!
  • Bonus Materials : The Communicating with Heaven Series and Classes downloads. These lessons will be utilized by the students for learning and practice of techniques needed for mediumship.

Students will be given performance based testing to verify their ability and accuracy before being certified in mediumship.

It is required that students have attended Channeling Training to attend this class.

Upcoming Course Dates: TBD

Where: by live video conferencing only

(We use Zoom - which is easy to use and feels like you're right in the classroom)

* Must pre-register to attend, so we can add you to the Zoom list.

Tuition: $300*/person (special price, usually $400)

*Already attended this training with Renee, but want a refresher or practice? Special refresher rate: $150/person

* $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot is due upon enrollment (covers class bonuses and saves your spot).
The deposit applies to your tuition balance. Rest of tuition due by first class.

*Already attended this training with Renee, but want a refresher or practice? Special refresher rate: $200/person

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(The follow-up training to the Mediumship 1 Training Course)

NEW TRAINING!!! (First time offering this training)
Continuing your Practice of Mediumship - we will be working on:
·         Deepening the Trance State and your connection with those in Spirit for Communication
·         Learning how to Utilize the different depths of Trance (light, medium and deep)
·         Working with the Higher Chakras (the Soul Star Chakra and beyond)
·         New approaches for deeper connecting & also space management
·         Working with your Divine Channeling & MediumshipTeam
·         Reading for Self and Others (application and class practice)
·         Removing Blocks
·         Understanding and Adjusting to Different Frequencies
·         and more!

* Mediumship 1 Training (through me) required for pre-requisite on this one.

Cost: $300/person.

Let me know if needing to split your tuition into payments over the course.

Where: By live video conferencing only

(We use Zoom for live video conferencing. It's super easy to use & like you're in the classroom.)

Upcoming Course Dates: TBD

Must attend most of the classes to receive certification.

Pre-registration is required so we can add you to the Zoom list.

To reserve your spot, or for more information, contact Renee at: renee@askrenee.com

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